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Friday, May 16, 2014

Northeast's Changing Landscape

Musicians perform during Art-A-Whirl 2013. Photo by Jeanne Oss
As Art-A-Whirl grows, how symbiotic is the relationship between the Open Artist Studio Tour and the events and music held at local bars? There is a perception among some in the Northeast community that the focus of Art-A-Whirl is shifting towards music and bars and away from visual art, as a recent City Pages article explores. Others in the community believe the entertainment components are necessary to continue to build audiences, with the bars bringing people who otherwise wouldn't attend AAW. In the NEMAA Visitor Survey conducted during AAW 2013, the primary reason given to attend AAW for 64% of the respondents was (still) to view and potentially purchase artwork.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Art-A-Whirl By The Numbers

Attendees at the Art-A-Whirl 2014 Silent Auction Preview Party

Art-A-Whirl is upon us! Ever wondered what goes into pulling off the event?

Here's some numbers on the who's and what's that make Art-A-Whirl so successful:

30,000 directories printed, which provide information about artists/studios year-round

6,000+ pieces of art for sale, with 10 pieces minimum per artist

2,500 FREE Metro Transit rides 

600 registered NEMAA artists, almost all of whom will show during Art-A-Whirl

400+ open studios (200 alone in the Northrup King Building)

140 volunteers covering the Silent Auction fundraiser and activities before, during and after Art-A-Whirl (including 2 seriously committed volunteers: the Artist Directory & Guide Distribution Volunteer and the On-Call Art-A-Whirl Volunteer)

139 silent auction artworks, with 35 additional items from local businesses (restaurants, etc)

81 business members supporting the work of NEMAA and Art-A-Whirl

60 locations where art will be shown ( with many more "unofficial" locations and artists)

11 board members contributing their time, work, energy, and vision

3 interns (Volunteer Coordinator, Silent Auction Coordinator, and Auction Installation Intern)

2 free trolleys running all weekend

1 Full-Time Staffer (The Executive Director)

1 Part-Time Staffer (The Office Assistant & Development Associate)