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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NEMAA Annual Meeting

The NEMAA Annual Meeting was January 24, 2014 at the Chowgirls Parlor. Big thanks to Chowgirls for catering the event. All photos from the evening are courtesy Ryc Casati.

Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger (Board president), Nick Legeros (past president), Jeremy Mayberg (Board member), Susan Wagner (past president), Brenda Kayzar (Board vice-president)

Jennifer Young and attendee

Greg Foley and April

Alejandra Pelinka (NEMAA Executive Director), Ray Christo (Board Treasurer) Paul Ostrow (newest Board member)

Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger (Board president), artists Doug Padilla and Lauri Svedberg

Brenda Kayzar (Board vice-president) asks members to share their Art-A-Whirl stories


Alejandra Pelinka (NEMAA Executive Director) presents the Directory Cover design for 2014

Megan Moore Smith cover artist of the 2014 NEMAA Annual Directory & Guide

Ale Pelinka presents 2014 Art-A-Whirl information and answers audience questions

Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger addresses NEMAA Annual Meeting attendees

Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger introduces the Board of Directors

Jacob Frey (Third Ward Council Member) addresses the meeting and answers questions

Nick Legeros (past president)

Ray Christo (NEMAA Board treasurer) presents NEMAA financial report

Below is a video of Third Ward Council Member Jacob Frey's presentation at the Annual Meeting.