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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Getting ready for Art-A-Whirl

NEMAA staff and volunteers beginning the proofing process

One of the first signs of spring for artists in NE Minneapolis is the announcement of the NEMAA proofing session. Each year, NEMAA publishes an Artist Directory and Guide which highlights all of the 700+ NEMAA members with artist listings, Art-A-Whirl details, year-around arts event information, a NE Dining Guide, advertisements from local organizations, and a comprehensive map of the NE Arts District and the entire NE artistic scene. All NEMAA members are listed in several areas of the Directory and Guide and all Sponsors, Donors and Advertisers also receive listings.

Heidi Fitzgerald, Directory Editor

Joan Nygren, Directory Designer and Ben Walytka, Ad coordinator

The proofing session gives everyone a chance to proofread their information for accuracy, check their images and logos and to be sure that what is printed is what they submitted. The session goes from 11:30am to 6:00pm and is run by the Editor, Advertising Sales Representative, Designer, Advertising Coordinator and NEMAA staff. 

Joan Nygren helps an artist make corrections

Marilyn Miller, Ad Sales Representative, and Anna Becker, NEMAA Office Assistant and Development Associate

A group of artists check their listings

The 30,000 directories are distributed throughout NE Minneapolis and the Twin City metro area, and can be found year-around in book stores, coffee shops and retail centers. The 2014 Artist Directory and Guide will be available in mid-April.

All photos courtesy Ryc Casati. 

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