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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger

Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger is one of those uniquely talented individuals who can tell a story through her art. Born in Havana, Gutierrez-Bolger’s recent work draws inspiration from her Cuban heritage and features unconventional objects serving as symbols of her roots.

 “I fashion narratives that I call memory mash-ups,” says Gutierrez-Bolger in her artist statement. “I use found objects and materials and think of them as artifacts or placeholders for memory.”

 Gutierrez-Bolger grew up drawing and painting and has vast experience in the graphic arts, specifically printing and typography. She currently describes herself as a mixed media artist known for creating pieces that blend her personality with Cuban iconography.

 Gutierrez-Bolger’s first studio was located in what is now the North Loop of downtown Minneapolis in the late ‘90’s. She then found a studio in The Keg House and formed The Keg House Collective before ultimately moving to her current space in the Casket Arts Building at 681 17th Ave. NE. Her studio space, which she describes as a “fabulous Northeast artist sanctuary,” is shared with fellow artists Marjorie Fedyszyn and Suzanne Skon.

 In addition to her aspirations as an artist, Gutierrez-Bolger has taken on a number of initiatives within the Northeast neighborhood. She is involved with Women’s Arts Resources of Minnesota and has served on several arts, business and community boards including her current role as president of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA).

During her tenure as president, Gutierrez-Bolger’s goals for NEMAA are to provide more of the resources and opportunities needed by member artists, extend awareness of the local arts scene to a larger audience, and continue to work with City Council Members Kevin Reich and Jacob Frey on critical matters impacting Northeast.

 “We want to protect this area as a community of artists and continue to maintain its art-centric focus.”

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