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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Central Ave. Liquor

Central Ave. Liquor is a local, family-owned business committed to “Living Northeast, Loving Northeast, and Buying Northeast.”

Owners Scott and Cindy McCleary acquired the company in October 2008. Scott worked as a part-time employee at the store for more than 12 years prior to purchasing it, so he was familiar with the neighborhood, the customers, and recognized the potential that the store offered. The business has since increased its sales and underwent a large expansion in 2011, adding a new local brew pub room and 15 door micro beer cooler.

Central Ave. Liquor is located at 2538 Central Ave. NE in a node of successful Northeast businesses such as Eastside Food Cooperative, Sen Yai Sen Lek and Tom’s Style & Tanning.

“At a primary Central Ave. address, the location and the energy offered by our local main street partners is an enormous benefit to our business,” says Cindy regarding the community support of the store’s business growth and proactive outreach. “We have a history of cross marketing and co-organizing events, which brings people to the many diverse retailers on the avenue.”

Scott and Cindy’s vision for Central Ave. is increased energy, economic vitality and retail density to provide an eclectic, rich experience for Northeast. They create opportunities for people to experience the store and get acquainted with the community by hosting wine and beer tastings 2-3 times a week. They also actively donate to community events and local organizations and partner with the Northeast Minneapolis Lions Club each year to host a beer garden fundraiser in the store’s parking lot.

“These activities not only introduce others to our business, but we hope they also draw a broader crowd to Central Ave.”

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